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We offer end-to-end online reputation management (ORM) services and techniques which make sure that your business maintains its prestigious image in the eye of internet and web users.
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Online Reputation Management

We ensure that all our clients have a memorable brand and protect their names online through our proven approach of solving the reputation problem. Like, how you strive to maintain the identity and name in the society, the same way you need to maintain your name online as anything, be it positive or negative, it all spreads like fire in the virtual world.

About Our Services

SEO is the only possibility and the right choice for you then. It helps you get leads continuously. Once your website comes on top of Google Search, continuous business is assured. It is the only solution for organic marketing and building the reputation online. This is where we are highly specialised. We are an expert team skilled at various types of SEO which helps you have a continuous quality lead inflow.


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We Are A Team Of Experts

We offer end-to-end online reputation management (ORM) services and techniques which make sure that your business maintains its prestigious image in the eye of internet and web users. We, the masters of Digital Spider monitor and regulate all the channels in which people can talk about your business, such as business review sites, social media networking sites, forums, blogs and articles. While regulating if any negative review or comment is found, we provide a list of all the possible responses that are proactive which help to alleviate the damage that the comment night cause, and many times just a correct and quick response can make a great difference in the removal of the negativity in the minds of people. On the other hand, we being the ORM (Online Reputation Management) company in Bangalore puts our efforts on working to promote positive discussion about your brand in the community of online.

This is nothing but encouraging active engagement with online customers, as well as making the satisfied customers to post the positive feelings about your brand and company as a means to protect against negative comments in the future. On top of it, if you have a very good and positive brand image online, then your business will be higher in the results as it will get the capacity to outperform the competition, which eventually leads to potential clients who trust your business which will fetch you higher returns in the long run.

Our Services

Review Management

We provide a very customized review management solution. We analyse and track the online conversation that normally happens once you sell your product/service. This way we prevent PR crises and also improve your relationship with the customers. Hence, we provide the protocol which helps in easy monitoring & responding to reviews online.

Improvise Rating

Nearly 90% of customers go through online reviews before they buy any product/service and they trust online reviews just like personal recommendation. Hence we help you in enhancing better and positive ratings from your previous customers. This way, we help in multiplying your customers.

Online Criticism Management

Your business can be undermined if many criticizing reviews are found on any of your online platforms which leads to lower search engine ranking, cause reputation risk as it will make the potential customers to lose trust on your business and eventually get you under loss. Hence it is good to fix all this before it becomes too late and we the team of Digital Spider using it’s expert team help you resolve all this before things go out of control.

We also provide App Development, Website Development,SEO, SMM and every other necessary services that falls under the umbrella of Marketing.