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So, do you want your website to appear on top of Google search?

Let’s see if choosing the right SEO Company fetch you anything for your business…

SEO is the only possibility and the right choice for you then. It helps you get leads continuously. Once your website comes on top of Google Search, continuous business is assured. It is the only solution for organic marketing and building the reputation online. This is where we are highly specialised. We are an expert team skilled at various types of SEO which helps you have a continuous quality lead inflow./p>


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How to make the right choice in selecting the best SEO company?

1. Check if the agency ranks on top of Google search.

The primary task in selecting an agency for SEO is to check if they are ranking on the first page of Google search. If they come on top, then there is a high chance that your website can get on top. If their website does not show on top, then it is not recommended to go with that particular agency. You gotta be very careful while selecting the agency to satisfy your SEO needs as there are companies who would be running ads for SEO companies. Eventually such companies will convince you to run Google ads which do not serve you for a longer term. Hence, make sure if it is an agency ranking organically on top or if it is through ads that it is showing on top. So, before selecting the agency, search using the following SEO keywords:

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2. Ask for a plan

SEO results can not be estimated. However, a blueprint is needed for any company to execute the task of SEO. You need to ask them about the detailed plan and how they will move about.

3. Previous Projects

Make sure you are shown their previous works. It does not matter if the company does not have any previous work to show belonging to the same industry as yours. What matters is there work in bringing the website on top of Google.

4. Price

SEO is an investment. ROI can be expected only after certain months though. If you want the result, you need more time and the price will be charged high. So, higher the quality, higher would be the price. As there are many SEO companies existing in Bangalore, certain agencies will charge very low. The quality would be very poor if that is the case. So, beware of such agencies and choose the one which gives you good results.

5. Know what & how to ask

Have a meeting with the concerned person of the SEO company that you have chosen and ask them for a report, ask them a blueprint and ask them how they would execute the strategy. Understand if the person is genuine and knowledgeable. Make sure, you are satisfied with his explanations. And then move forward and get them your project.


Content on your website

Content is everything that appears on the website. It has everything about the services or products that you offer. Content can be in the form of texts, images or videos. At Digital Spider, we make sure that the content is filled with the way the searches are made by the audience.

Page title and description

A novel remains a normal book if the title of the novel is lame. But if it’s the other way round, if the title of the novel is catchy, tricky, unique, then imagine how many books get sold. The same way, every web page should have a title which is something that interests the audience. This helps in high page click rates.

Building links

It is said that most of the web is spam. To rule the spam out, search engines calculates the trust and this can happen with links. Earning links from top rated domains is necessary. At Digital Spider, we help your website score well in the trust factor by linking it with highly trusted domains.

Internal links

Search engines want to make the user experience awe-inspiring. The users always want all the information at one stretch. Digital Spider provides the service of internal linking which makes the website user-friendly which eventually makes it search-friendly for users and also makes the search engine task easier.

Optimizing images

Website content should be optimized well to rank high on search engines. Content includes text, images, videos and infographics. So, optimizing texts with the use of keywords and not optimizing the images will have a negative impact on Search engine optimization.


Let’s say, you are an old town rich in Gold and diamonds but no one knows about your town’s existence. It is obvious that you lose trade. The same is with your website. If there is no way to reach you, then no person gets to know about you. Digital Spider provides you the path of reaching people and increasing your visibility.


We have well-organized technical brainies on board and are highly experienced in their subject matter. Hence, our dexterity in offering SEO services in Bangalore can make your company stand out in the crowd and pop first in the Search Engine page. We have sculpted our niche in the industry after years of experience. Our analysts, Digital Marketing experts, SEO maestros analyse your company website and provide complete solutions from the technical point of view. This well-set technical report, gives us a clear idea in making your website technically sound and rank on top of search results. We, at Digital Spider follow the correct technique and right procedure while executing the SEO strategy and bring your website on top of Google and other search engines. This helps you carve a niche in your industry and be far ahead than your competitors.

We at Digital Spider build the beautiful content with SEO touch and link your website to those domains which are trustworthy. A continuous process of this technique and several other white-hat tactics helps us in getting the results effectively. We always want you alive and at first. We do not want you to get rotted in the second page with other dead bodies. So, be alive and make your website most nutritious with the support of the best digital marketing company in Bangalore, Digital Spider.

A unique, personal service is provided to every company belonging to a different industry. We truly believe that, “Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.” Hence before it gets late, get started with SEO for your business website and and also start with SMM, ORM, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing and other needed services to get better results.



Let’s list out the reasons why you need to opt Digital Spider for SEO and all other Digital Marketing services.

1. Assured results

We let you know the keywords for your website. And then, at the prescribed time limit, we will get your business on top of Google search page.

2. Broaden customer base

If your website is shown on top of Google search, it is 100% assured that your customer base magnifies drastically.

3. High conversion rate

As the number of people visiting the website increases, the conversion rate too increases. All this happens only if your website comes on top of SERP.

4. Reliability

As we have a beautiful team with skilled knowledge and expertise, the results committed are 100% achieved.

5. Expertise

We have a beautiful team of subject matter experts who assists in every step of the work to get you the promised results.

6. Pocket friendly

Our services do not pierce your pocket and we provide the best services which you can not find anywhere in the market. We are affordable and most economical for every type of industry.


Before you buy a product, don’t you search the internet? All of us search with our queries on the internet and then get the top relevant websites on screen. We normally click on those sites that pop on top of the search list, isn’t it? This is because these sites would be the most relevant ones.

It is said that, you appear on the top list and get customers, you do not appear on top, then forget about customers. If you now think, why your competitors sites are on top and not yours, then the simple answer is that your customers are into SEO. SEO is a beautiful art and a brilliant way of ranking higher than thousands of other sites of the same industry. So, it’s a simple way to tell, if your website is ranking on top of Google search, you acquire a lot of customers as it helps more people to reach your business. To rank on the first page, you need to satisfy all that which search engine looks for.

Hence, SEO is a mandate for any business irrespective of its size. We are an expert team in this field and help you enhance your business. A solid SEO strategy is highly needed in this competitive world to withstand and outstand competition. Keeping these in mind, we help you magnify your visibility on the internet

If you have read all this, then it is well understood that you are looking for an SEO company in Bangalore to bring more traffic and eventually increase your customer base. If this is the case, then we must appreciate it as you have landed in the right place. It is very important for any company to have a reputed Marketing company like Digital Spider by your side. We keenly concentrate on bringing organic traffic to your website by performing a detailed keyword research, making an in depth competitor analysis and building a strategy. The next step would involve in execution of the built strategy which includes performing On-page and off-page SEO. All this in turn helps you in boosting your website traffic and gain the ultimate results that you are looking for.


It is an art of bringing your website on top of search engines which will eventually help you in getting good traffic for your website and thereby increase your customers. Hence it is mandatory to get SEO done to receive all the advantages hidden in it.

SEO is a time consuming yet a worthy process. It takes a minimum of 3 months to show the results and to get the full benefit out of it, you need to wait for a span of 6 to 9 months. .

Well, we can say that it is the most cost effective way to get good business. And here are few things that you can 100% expect if you wait for 6 months

Yes, both go hand-by-hand. Only after the complete set of on-page SEO, Off-page SEO can be effectively carried out.

Before taking SEO service from an agency, the agency sets a target and shares the analysis report with the target achievable with you. Based on that, we can keep checking for progress.

No, SEO is an on-going process. It can’t be stopped even after it comes on top position. If you ignore SEO, your position drops.